The Region

The beautiful Portuguese village of Penedono, located in a region known for its vast vineyards, extensive pastures and beautiful chestnut trees, belongs to the District of Viseu. Penedono, land of several cultural attractions, is bordered by São João da Pesqueira, Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Mêda, Trancoso and Sernancelhe.

It is in this so traditional village that Hotel Medieval® de Penedono**** is situated, offering a privileged view to the Penedono’s Castle, built in the XI century at almost a thousand meters of altitude. Classified as a National Monument and being the birthplace of "Magriço", referred in "Os Lusíadas", to this castle belongs great legends, as is the case of the Legend of the Two White Stones.

Penedono is home to beautiful churches and chapels filled with sacred art, to the Pelourinho, located between Hotel Medieval® de Penedono**** and Penedono’s Castle, to Menir de Penedono and to Solar dos Freixos, a beautiful building to visit.

The remaining municipality also has several other attractions within a short distance. In Penela da Beira you will find Dólmen da Capela de Nossa Senhora do Monte and Dólmen da Lapinha. In Pedras Estantes you can visit Dólmen do Telhal, and there is also in this area the so-called Dólmen do Pendão. In addition, in Antas one can begin the discovery of Necrópole Megalítica de Lameira de Cima and Núcleo Arqueológico do Vale de Maria de Pais.